Visa: NFL







Visa partnered up with Chase bank and the NY Giants to showcase the speed, ease, and efficiency of the contactless payment system. Along with the larger TVC production, a digital campaign was to run concurrently to maximize the scope of this top-of-the-funnel initiative. It was especially important, as the TVC was not translating well over static formats on social media.

So the challenge was: how might we help our customers understand the features of contactless technology without depending on the success of the TVC?

I worked with my copywriter to strike a correlation between the athletes’ stats and the features of contactless payments that resonated with the customers. Getting approvals from every stakeholder? Check. Haggling with agencies to get your slice of time with the talent? Check. Powering through 12-hr shoots that never seem to end? Check. Being a cornerstone in a campaign that turned heads and rated higher than any other Chase + NFL-driven social campaign? Check & check!