I love and hate Dribbble. I see the kind of work people are creating on a daily basis, and my jaw drops aptly. At the same time, it lights the embers of competition within. Going to Nashville for the Brand New Conference (BNCONF) felt something like that. There was so much talent at the event, both on and off the stage.

It does feel good to be inspired again. Designing stuff for the same kind of clients/industry can get monotonous. Be the industry tech, sports, tourism or even video games. But seeing all the stellar work and words showcased at BNCONF was refreshing. It was like splashing your face with aftershave. And it got me scribbling rapidly in the semi-darkness of the auditorium. Here are some of the doodles–



There were punny anecdotes and rib-ticklers followed by beautifully crafted identities and sound design strategies. In other words, lots of fuel to keep me doodling throughout the conference.