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Every signature dish that a chef creates is his masterpiece; he is the master of that symphony. For our brand identity proposal for a new restaurant ‘The Williams’ at the St.Regis hotel in San Francisco, we were asked to create something that reflected the restaurant concept & the local audience. The restaurant identity had to have its own personality and uniqueness, while being mindful of the St.Regis characteristics. We wanted that feeling to exude from the logo design, and used hand-drawn calligraphy to create the lettering for ‘The Willams’ logotype.

St Regis_Williams_001St Regis_Williams_001
St Regis_Williams_002St Regis_Williams_002
St Regis_Williams_005St Regis_Williams_005
St Regis_Williams_004St Regis_Williams_004
St Regis_Williams_006St Regis_Williams_006
St Regis_Williams_007St Regis_Williams_007
St Regis_Williams_008St Regis_Williams_008
St Regis_Williams_009St Regis_Williams_009
St Regis_Williams_010St Regis_Williams_010
St Regis_Williams_011St Regis_Williams_011
St Regis_Williams_013 extraSt Regis_Williams_013 extra