This video was created for 100%You, a movement that inspires young Asian women to change their perception of beauty by disregarding the monotony of the societal standards of beauty dictated by the media and get them to appreciate their unique and natural selves.

Department of Health: Fit for Kings

‘Fit for Kings’ is a competition that used the fierce British love of football to rally communities to get off the couch and start exercising regularly.

Fruit of the Loom: Fresh Fruit

Fruit of the Loom addresses the unexpected basics; the needs that are barely talked about in the wake of natural disasters. The Fresh Fruit campaign unites donors and recipients to show the real impact that even small donations can bring.

Au Naturel

This video is a proposal to address the beauty obsession in Asia and explore ways to redefine it through graphic design.

Exxon Mobil Clear

The ExxonMobil CLEAR is an initiative that works with companies to recalculate their workdays. By allowing them to adjust their shifts, commuting can be cut down drastically. This minimizes travel times, while maximizing productivity. The smoother stream of traffic allows for higher miles-per-gallon, producing less exhaust, while conserving a limited resource – and turns road rage into happy hour.

Cartoon Network Channel ID

This was an experiment in motion design in making a 16 second channel ID for Cartoon Network interesting through the use of transitions and fresh content.