Wow. Our marriage just turned one. And I couldn’t find better time to pop this blog’s first post. For our anniversary, I wanted to present my old woman with something special. Something that would be akin to a cassette featuring the greatest hits the past year.

And thus was born this One.


For the curious-minded, the illustration contains our desktop owl. Fireworks. Twelve of our favorite books. A potted ceropegia woodii variegata creeper. Mustaches everywhere. Archery at the Golden Gate Park. Christmas in Tahoe. Disc-golfing. Crooked glasses. Ceasers Palace. Ice crystals. Yogi Ginger Tea. Lamp-posts. Our bikes. Diablo 3. Lombard St. Starbucks coffee cards. Goa. And snow-shoeing.

Rahul Sawant_first post_final

Rahul Sawant_first post_tools

Rahul Sawant_first post_stippling.